About Us

Pablo's is a restaurant and club located in Katy, TX. It's a place where guests can enjoy fine (national-international) dishes and a wide assortment of wines and beverages around the world. The identity of Pablo' s captures the attitude, passion and hard work of the owner and staff to create memorable experiences for their guests. Pablo's Restaurant & Club wants to provide more than just great food and great service. It is a place where visitors can nourish their souls as well as their bellies. Memorable illustrations and typography, along with the limited color palette and the light and sound in Pablo's, create the perception of a pleasant and relaxing environment. Our team approached the identity design very conceptually, with the main idea of expressing the combination of art and life through various design elements. We wanted to keep the logotype simple but also to include art itself in the whole concept of the restaurant's visual identity. Art has been an inspiration for many visual identities. In this case, Pablo draws inspirations from the artworks of the great artist Pablo Picasso and the poems written by Pablo Neruda and thus creates a unique and warm combination that is felt throughout the whole restaurant.